HICK Archery

We love sharing the experience of archery with others.

HICK can bring the excitement of archery to you and your event. We have USA Archery trained instructors who will help those that have never shot an arrow before. Paper targets are fun and we do those too along with other things that make the sport enjoyable for everyone. But we give the opportunity to shoot at 3D targets like, hog, deer, turkey, and we even have a huge mosquito you can stick. Kids as young as three can be help to shoot an arrow at a target. Seeing the excitement when targets are hit is rewarding.

HICK enjoys the opportunity to share the outdoor experience with others. Taking the time to share our knowledge and build those relationships that are eternal is our mission. Using the outdoors and an event like archery to show others the love of Christ, we find that doors are opened and walls are minimized in helping others share about them and how we can help if needed.

HICK will bring this equipment to your event and run the archery booth.  Your donation to HICK for the archery will help us keep the equipment in top notch operating order and providing this type of adventure.

So is your event ready for an adventure?  You can use our Equipment Reservation Request Form under our “Contact us” and we can verify dates and work out all the details for your event.


As a 501C3 we are supported through your generous donations and the financial support from our awesome sponsors and members.

We have been blessed by so many and are truly thankful for those that come along side of HICK and our mission to show others Christ.