HICK Archery Tag

Want to shoot an arrow at another person.  Safely of course.

HICK can bring the excitement of archery tag to your event.

It is a unique sport that combines elements of dodgeball or other combat-type games with the timeless skills of archery. Players take aim at each other with our non-lethal arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members.

Although the game involves human targets, it’s far less painful than paintball. Being hit with a foam-tipped arrow is about like being hit with a tennis ball. While some might cringe at the prospect of shooting foam-tipped arrows in this “game” scenario, others point out that it’s an activity that people clearly love.

HICK will bring this equipment to your event and run the archery tag.  Your donation to HICK for the archery will help us keep the equipment in top notch operating order and providing this type of adventure.

So is your event ready for an adventure?  Contact us and we can verify dates and work out all the details for your event.


As a 501C3 we are supported through your generous donations and the financial support from our awesome sponsors and members.

We have been blessed by so many and are truly thankful for those that come along side of HICK and our mission to show others Christ.