Norman & Slim – December 2017

We were able to get these two in the woods and on some hogs.
This was Slims 2nd time on a hog hunt and his first harvest. He put down two.
This was Norman’s time hunting with HICK and he was able to put down two big ones.
Jonathan (HICK) had a great day with these two guys and helped them get it all processed and packed. Lots of meat going in the freezer for families

HICK is a 501C3 dedicated to taking children, families or terminal illnesses into the outdoors, as well as combat wounded veterans. Hunters In Christ’s Kingdom goal is to share our outdoor passion as we share our Lord.

If you have a child, parent, family member, friend; just interested in the outdoors; have a child diagnosed with a severe illness or handicap,; or if you are a combat wounded veteran, feel free to contact us for your chance to get into the woods and on the water.