Branden – October 2017

Tito Inman and Branden were waiting in the ground blind. Branden’s crossbow experiences some problems and the hunt was over.

Tito humped out of the woods to his vehicle, went the extra mile to get his crossbow, so he could get back in the stand and get Branden back in the hunt.

After sitting there a little bit they were running out of daylight. Tito got him out of the ground blind to slip up to the edge of the beans to see his harvest step out of the woods. Branden took the shot and placed it where it needed to be to harvest his 1st deer.

Way to go Branden!

A big thank you to Tito! We also want to thank our local game warden Scott for the opportunity with this young man.
Thank you Lord!

HICK is a 501C3 dedicated to taking children, families or terminal illnesses into the outdoors, as well as combat wounded veterans. Hunters In Christ’s Kingdom goal is to share our outdoor passion as we share our Lord.

If you have a child, parent, family member, friend; just interested in the outdoors; have a child diagnosed with a severe illness or handicap,; or if you are a combat wounded veteran, feel free to contact us for your chance to get into the woods and on the water.