Hunters In Christ’s Kingdom (H.I.C.K) saw a need for kids of all ages to be able to learn real world skills in a Biblical environment and have opportunities to use them.  Families needed a way to be able to get out and spend time together.

We started ClubHICK in 2019 to help fill that need.  Our founding club is in Land O Lakes, FL.  We meet each week from September to May (During the typical school year).  During the summer we have a more relaxed schedule and plan fun events and activities where participants can use skills that they have learned throughout the year.


Weekly meeting to learn:

Biblical principles for an eternal impact.

Real world skills for an earthly impact.


Teaching skills such as:

  • Gardening
  • Baking
  • Fire Building
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Vehicle & Engine Care
  • Fishing

This is the short list.


ClubHICK provides the opportunity for the skills that are being learned in the weekly meetings to be used. These are hands on skills and events for everyone on involved to learn, have fun, and develop each skill.

Biblical principles are taught weekly along with the skills.


We have fun learning each skill and adding it to our memory bank for future use. We do these as safely as possible and teach how important safety is. Handouts are given for skills for reference to be able to go back to at any time to help reinforce the skills.  

Knowing how to do these things helps in self confidence and independence.


Our goal is help develop young men and women who:

  • WALK – In a way that honors God.

  • WORSHIP – God the creator of all thing.
  • WITNESS – Share the great news of the gospel.

About the Weekly Club Meetings

Weekly ClubHICK meetings are on Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM to 8PM.

We meet at New Beginnings –  Located on US41 1/4 mile North of SR52. 

Parents are encouraged to be a part of the meetings and events.

A typical club meeting follows the following schedule.

6:30 – Opening
6:35 – Free time (kids can play with each other and get all the “wiggles” and relieve some energy.
6:50 – Skills Time
7:45 – Devotion & Closing
8:00 – Dismiss


Our Current Meeting and Event Schedule for Spring of 2022

 Click the links below to download our current schedule.

**Sometimes things happen and we have to change schedules or meeting content.  We do our best to update the web.  As a part of ClubHICK you will receive text messages and email updates.

ClubHICK – Policies and Code of Conduct

Each family must agree to our policies and our Volunteer Statement and Code of Conduct.

Please take time to download and read these items before continuing to the ClubHICK paperwork for your family.

ClubHICK – Paperwork

Now that you are interested in joining us below is paperwork that we will need filled out to make it all official.  Please email us if you have any questions.