Absolutely marvelous experience every time best youth group ever.

Another thing off my bucket list. The swimming with manatees was a dream come true.

A one of a kind ministry that is doing some amazing work for the Kingdom! Love these guys!

Had a blast with HICK out on the water. We sure caught a bunch of crabs.

Thank you for the opportunity to hunt with my son. Wow, what a blessing!

Our family had a great time! It was amazing to see the manatees that close.


Sharing the love of Christ as we share the outdoors together.

We enjoy getting people in the woods and out on the water and share the love of Chirst with them as we teach various skills in hunting or fishing. Sometimes is just a matter of getting outside and surrounded by God’s creation and taking the time away from technology and business to be able to focus on Chirst and all He has done for us.


Hunters In Christ’s Kingdom (H.I.C.K) was founded for Christian hunters and Outdoorsmen to have a place to share their love of Christ and the outdoors.

Bert Thomas and Steve Mitchell founded HICK because they wanted to “share our common bond with common people” and the love of hunting and the love of Jesus. The idea came on a hunting trip to Pennsylvania. It centered around the worship, walk and witness that they have always had on our wall. We waited until social media became reality and then launched HICK.

Our mission is to show the world that JESUS IS LORD! We also want to ensure this basic principle:

We are all Hunters In Christ Kingdom so let us; Live, hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors in a way that will honor Him and use our voice and our lives to worship, walk & witness as we share the gospel.

CoFounder – Steve Mitchell

Steve has gone on to be with the Lord and we honor his vision as we continue the mission.